Feb 04

Writer’s Resources Online


For a list of publication deadlines using the ubiquitous submission engine “Submittable,” see


Flogging the Quill (floggingthequill.com.typepad.com) can improve the art and craft of your storytelling.

The Writer’s Resource Center (poewar.com) offers hundreds of articles
on the craft of fiction, as well as poetry and freelancing.

Writesville (writesville.com) is a great site run by an aspiring
fiction writer who share’s his learning as he goes.

Other sites include:








Jan 16

Meet My “Dr. Jekyl”

When I’m not writing fiction (“Mr. Hyde”), I work as a Technical Writer in the NYC region.

I’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years, and… it continues to pay the bills, but not the soul. That’s why I write fiction. Ultimately I hope that will pay the bills as well (as well as the soul).

Mr. Hyde won’t have it any other way.

Jan 15

Why Fiction “Previews”?

Most of the content on this site has been heretofore UNPUBLISHED and shall remain so until some publishing vehicle (e.g. ezine or print publication) chooses to publish it. Some publishers believe that publishing on a personal site means the story has already been published. Hence the previews.

If you should desire to publish this unpublished material previewed here, please contact me.

Note! Any work that has been published will mention the vehicle make and model below the title.

Happy sampling!

~ Lyon